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Dani Gurgel
Debora Gurgel piano
Thiago Rabello drums
Sidiel Vieira bass

An inseparable union between instrumental music and carefully written words, putting Dani’s voice asa scatting woodwind instrument into a jazz ambient of improvisation, stitched along the grooves of Brazilian popular music. Their original compositions are accompanied by a few bold arrangements of carefully selected Brazilian, jazz and pop repertoire.

This family style quartet has its origins in the mother-daughter musical relationship of Debora and Dani, which began when Dani was a three-year-old music student. But it wasn’t until drummer and producer Thiago Rabello came along that its present sound was shaped. They record live in studio – the 4 of them together, interacting and having fun. This recording energy is featured in all of their albums, presenting the spirit of a live performance in each track, as if they were enjoying an afternoon in their living room. Their live shows are even more dynamic and energetic, filled with the delight of this united quartet that combines their long-established musical intimacy with the serendipity of constant improvisation and interaction amongst themselves and with the audience, rendering always fresh and original concerts.

“DDG4”, as Dani & Debora Gurgel Quarteto have been nicknamed by Japanese fans, is releasing two new albums in 2015, following “Um” (2013) and “Luz” (2014), the first one awarded two acknowledged prizes, from ProAC (São Paulo State Culture) and Funarte (Federal Foundation for the Arts). Since then, DDG4 has been independently touring Japan, Europe and the Americas, having been to T okyo Jazz Festival, F estival Jazz a la Calle ( Uruguay), F estival Amazonas Jazz ( Brazil), Festival de Jazz del CCPA y Asunción (Paraguay) a nd Festival Brasilicata (Italy) ; besides two sold out tours through 7 cities in Japan.

GARRA (2015)


Dani Gurgel’ s precise scatting combines a reed instrument with a Brazilian pandeiro, mixed with the percussive and syncopated sound of the Portuguese language and the swaying curves of English. She puts photo ©2015 Murilo Alvesso/Da Pá Virada together her experience as a big band saxophone player and rock band bassist in the same cauldron as her still ongoing work as a music photographer and cinematographer, stirred with diverse influences and poured as determination. Dani strives to bring together musical talents with common goals, with series as “Dani Gurgel e Novos Compositores” (Dani Gurgel and the New Composers), “Música de Graça” (Music for free) and many other prize winner projects.

Debora Gurgel’ s left hand steers her piano to a groovy approach. Into her pot, inputs a wide gamma of Brazilian rhythms, along with her extensive background as a music educator and the maturity of her work as an arranger for symphonic orchestras and big bands. The outcome is a variety of compositions, incorporating all of her traditional, contemporary and fresh influences into an innovative approach to what we could call modern Brazilian jazz. Debora brings all of her experience to education, teaching improvisation and composition to all instrumentalists, piano to private students and Composition, Arrangement or Brazilian rhythms workshops to larger groups, all with her own textbooks.

Dani and Debora’s contemporary and creative work is brought by their own company, D a Pá Virada, in which music and image are interwoven in each aspect and context.