Terese Lien Evenstad

Terese Lien Evenstad is a violinist, composer, and bandleader with a flair for melodies and narrative music. An interactive, close dialogue between the band members captures you in the music and the interplay between the musicians. Evenstads‘ energetic and dynamic compositions draw inspiration from film and folk music, where an open and playful approach characterizes the band’s performances. They will release their third album, Movement, on April 21 on the German label BERTHOLD records, after the album Perceptive from 2020. Meet an exciting musician with new perspectives and a lot on her heart.

Together with pianist Fabian Kallerdahl, bassist Arvid Jullander, drummer Peter Danemo, and clarinetist Alexander Ivarsson, Terese Lien Evenstad forms a band that touches the listener with expressive violin jazz as a signature.

Terese Lien Evenstad was born in Norway and is the first jazz violinist to graduate from the Bachelor’s Program in Jazz-Performance at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (2016). Her music and performances have led to several nominations and prizes the last years, such as the Louis Armstrong-scholarship in 2018 with the motivation: „She has given the violin a new face within jazz.“ Terese has been honored to perform her music with Bohuslän Big Band, one of Sweden’s most well-known big bands. Evenstad was invited to their project called Up-and-coming artists 2019, where they present young musicians who have made a name for themselves in the Swedish jazz society. In 2019 she was nominated for the concert series Young Swedish Soloist 2019 produced by Scenkonst Sörmland and awarded the J: son Scholarship by Janne Schaffer and the Jury with the motivation: “…a musician and composer with great musicality and passion. She moves freely between different genres and utilizes her technical skill to blend into the music she performs. Her imagination and ability to phrase and improvise make her a particularly exciting musician” (Janne Schaffer).

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