Ingen Navn Trio

The music of Ingen Navn Trio is characterized by its contrast, blending fragile and dreamy melodies with energetic rhythms and wildly loud noise. It falls within the realm of experimental improvised music. The trio weaves meditative, deep-sounding and flowing improvisations into compositions written by the saxophonist.

Nature and ambient sounds serve as a source of inspiration and are incorporated organically as soundscapes within the improvised compositions. The German-Italian trio came together in Arnhem, Netherlands, where the components studied together at the ArtEZ Conservatory. They discovered a shared passion for experimenting with music and seeking new ways to express themselves. The name „Ingen Navn“ translates to „No Name“ in Norwegian. For the trio, this name represents the freedom to express themselves without being constrained by expectations, rules, and constructs. Anything can happen and can be present, allowing for a fluidity and versatility in their performances. Each moment holds its own unique sounds and secrets that the trio strives to bring to life and express.

The Ingen Navn Trio has performed at various festivals such as Make it Jazz Festival (2019) in Tilburg, TakeNote! Festival (2019) in Nijmegen, So Whats Next Festival (2020) in Eindhoven and Festival Jazz International Nijmegen (2021) and it is also prize winner of the Jazz competition of the Werner Richard-Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung (2021).

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