Tantalos is generally associated with pain and desperation – but is his labor not also a perfect metaphor for every dedicated musician’s aspiration to finding the perfect composition, the perfect ensemble. the perfect moment where everything comes together and magic occurs? This is our first attempt as Large Ensemble, many still ahead, we hope, and yes, there was a lot of labor and dedication – but nothing that felt like pain or desperation. On the contrary: Call us masochists, but like almost every moment of our
ten years of band history, be it on sometimes exhausting tours through half of the known world (and sometimes beyond), marathon rehearsal sessions or before surprise audiences from a dozen to thousands of listeners, we genuinely loved the strain that came with bringing this line-up together and feed it with music that still is KUHN FU, while tapping the full potential of nine very fine and very individual musicians.

Yes, the tempting fruits of musical magic were floating around us, and we may not have reached all of them – but we do hope that on this track you’ll find at least some of the magic we all were after. And we definitely had one advantage over the mythological Tantalos: We were not deprived of the liquid that we were craving for … Hope you enjoy what you are going to listen to – may it make you feel less like Tantalos himself, but rather like the readers of Homer’s Odyssey: entertained, enriched and enthralled.