The Romans experienced their Golden Age during the reign of the god Saturn. It was a time in which neither malice, worries or the seasons existed; humankind lived in an eternal spring where youth, happiness, equality and innocence reigned. They enjoyed the spontaneous generosity of the earth and didn’t depend on work to live. However, when Jupiter dethroned his father, the Golden Age finished. The Romans yearned incessantly to return to this mythical time, so every year they celebrated Saturnalia, a festivity in honor of Saturn that took place in December during the winter solstice. Saturnalia, the new album of Trempera!, evokes the spirit of such a remarkable ancient celebration.

Trempera! is a group of friends committed to present new, challenging yet beautiful music. With its members remaining very close friends but spread geographically (Amsterdam, New York, Rome), Trempera! can’t wait to present this music near you. Saturnalia wouldn’t be possible without the support the Keep an Eye Foundation who awarded Trempera! with The Records prize in 2017.

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