Dani Gurgel

Dani Gurgel is a singer, photographer and video director based in São Paulo, Brazil.

She strives to bring together musical talents with common goals, with her award-winning series „Novos Compositores“ (New Composers) and her documentary TV series „Outro Som“ (Another sound), inspired by her web-series „Música de Graça“ (Music for free).

She puts together her experience as a Brazilian jazz singer in the same cauldron as her still ongoing work as a music photographer and cinematographer, leading to her cutting-edge research at São Paulo University (USP).

Dani Gurgel’s precise scatting combines a reed instrument with a Brazilian pandeiro. It is a mix of the percussive and syncopated sound of the Portuguese language with the swaying curves of English. „A fantastic syllabary“, notes German newspaper Badische Zeitung, and „scatted vocal adventures“ according to German magazine Jazzthetik.

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