Lochs Balthaus Herskedal

The European idea, long before it was politically implemented, manifested itself in Jazz. Cross-border Jazz compilations already existed from the early 1950s and overseas guests (mainly from the USA) were involved. Global thinking played an early role in the development of Jazz.

This is still the case with the Trio Lochs Balthaus Herskedal. The trumpet and flugelhorn player Bert Lochs is Dutch, the pianist Dirk Balthaus is German and the tuba player Daniel Herskedal comes from Norway. The trio invited an US-American guest, Michael Moore, to play in three pieces for its new, second Album Choices. He has lived 25 years in Amsterdam and is truly europeanised.

The Dutch metropolis, in any case a port of call for musicians from many different countries, is also the hub for Lochs Balthaus Herskedal, even though Daniel Herskedal lives in Oslo. Dirk Balthaus settled in Amsterdam having finished his studies at the Hilversum Conservatorium.

The Loch Balthaus Herskedal line up consisting of trumpet, piano and tuba is somewhat unusual. Not only do they do without drums, but the arrangement of the three instruments is also exceptional. One recalls Mikhail Alperin’s “Moscow Art Trio”. Alperin’s trio combine Jazz with east European folk, whereas the musical departure of Lochs Balthaus Herskedal is decidedly middle European, including a Scandinavian element full of singing melodies.

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