The art of sharing and growing together. Delighting in the life and pleasure of the other. It provides inspirational food that enables you to embrace the world with a fresh mind, time and time again. Mudita is what they say in the far east. An inner natural source of infinite wealth that you can always tap into. The Dutch trio Mudita also draws from this source. Life-saving music that is born from a fluid union of song, piano and trumpet. Singer Sanne Rambags, pianist Sjoerd van Eijck and trumpeter Koen Smits cherish silence, juggle melodies and renew musical harmony. In the unspoilt beauty of nature, the trio finds its ecstasy. Unbound, emotionally rich improvisational music that takes root in your heart, branches out into your world of thought and nestles itself in your entire being.

Mudita’s true musical nature cannot be pinned down to one genre. The trio boldly colours in and out of the lines, resolutely aiming for a world music of their own. Mudita takes the listener on a sound expedition along warm-blooded, melancholy dreamscapes and unheard-of side paths. Sometimes minimalist in tone, then exuberant and seductive again. With her agile voice, Sanne Rambags lures you unconditionally into the Mudita reserve. Rambags‘ vocal repertoire is irresistible: tender words, ecstatic vocalises and intimate whispers. The same open-mindedness can be heard in her travelling companions. Pianist Sjoerd van Eijck goes straight to the heart of the music and sets the scene with his inspired, lyrical style. The picturesque trumpet playing of Koen Smits enlivens the sound journey with passionate, fiery keys. Silently and respectfully, the three musicians seek to come closer. They listen to each other, learn from each other, constantly on the way to their own, extraordinary sound language.

Mudita’s poetic exploration does not go unnoticed. For the debut album Listen To The Sound Of The Forest (ZenneZ Records; 2018), the trio received one of the most important Dutch music awards, the Edison and this in the category Jazz World Vocal/National.

The deep, shared passion for everything that grows and blossoms also resonates on the new album, released on 25 March 2021. On Nature Of The Netherlands, Mudita pays a personal tribute to the unexpected natural pearls that the Netherlands harbours. In 2021, the many Dutch nature parks are put in the spotlight. Mudita travelled criss-cross through the country and visited 21 national parks. Enchanted by this impressive journey, the trio worked out 21 new pieces. In the hands of Mudita, the untapped Dutch natural beauty suddenly takes wing.

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