Tommy Moustache

In what way the mysterious, historical figure Tommy Moustache coincides with the band that is named after him, remains to be seen. It is no doubt an intriguing story that Tommy Moustache was to have invented the doughnut when using his revolver to blow a hole in Friedrich Nietzche’s Berliner during a brain experiment that went somewhat awry. The admiration for this pioneer only grows because of the wide array of achievements he is said to have attained (triumphs he is said to have hailed) – some say he gave Charles Mingus his first bass lesson and others claim that he acted as personal moustache counsellor to Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein.

Sceptics renounce these stories, claiming them to be wild tales never to be verified because of his poorly-documented life, however all band members of Tommy Moustache beg to differ. Regardless of their admiration for the doughnut, Charles Mingus and Dali’s moustache, whether they live up to his name is a tenuous matter. The musicians themselves uphold the claim that they will have a similar influence on the course of history.

If you ask me, it appears that all they have contributed to so far, is that after any Tommy Moustache performance the audience will turn homewards slightly dazzled and disoriented. On the other hand, wasn’t that always the effect of all great men that shaped the universe in their days? Only time will tell.

One of the most striking bands in Dutch jazz. – Muziekweb

Frank Zappa knew it: „Jazz isn’t dead, it only smells funny.“ – Rifraf

The band shifts effortlessly from luscious grooves and invigorating funk to rocking blues, without the slightest lapse in intensity. – Popunie

Hard, rocking jazz that deliver a punch. – Jazzflits

Tommy Moustache provides the jazz world with a band able to build bridges to an even wider audience. – White Room Reviews


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