17. November 2017

Don't miss Sietske in her new Videoclip of "Chasing Rainbows":

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Anton Berthold (right) and Nicholas Bild

The founders and managing directors of BERTHOLD records, Anton Berthold and Nicholas Bild, are the creative minds behind the innovative classical music and Jazz label based in Bremen. They were bound by a long friendship, and naturally the love of music – when at the start of 2010 they set an idea into practice: to offer young professional classical and Jazz musicians a platform, and to give them comprehensive support in producing their CDs and establishing new audiences.

Today, hardly a year after its founding, BERTHOLD records has two outstanding ensembles under contract, whose productions “DO.GMA#1” and “Continuum”, both in Studio-Master-Multi-channel-Quality have created a furore amongst experts and the public at large. “Continuum” has immediately achieved the best titles list of the “German Record Critics Award” (Jazz.01/2011). BERTHOLD records, now has another promising Jazz-ensemble in its portfolio, the Julian Fischer Quartet, which has created a sensation well beyond Bremen. 

Focus on Downloads and High Quality - The Sound of BERTHOLD Records

BERTHOLD records is working along unusual lines. It has done much more than just finance recordings and distribute the finished CDs. Included in its services are the complete production process, bookings, marketing and public relations, and the search for sponsors.

All productions are recorded originally in 96 kHz and offered for download in Studio-Master-Quality. Thanks to co-operation with Darbinghaus & Grimm Audiovision, selected productions will be offered as multi-channel recordings.
Alongside the downloads via their Scottish partners – LINN RECORDS, BERTHOLD records also uses the usual distribution channels.

Strategy: Quality not Quantity.

For BERTHOLD records, the musicians are the main focus of their work. The aim is to remove the pressure from the ensembles under their wing, allowing them all their energy for what is most important – the music.
BERTHOLD records concentrates explicitly on quality not quantity and strives to establish a long-lasting relationship with each musician. Speedy success, as with the first two productions, is very welcome, nonetheless the promotion of the musicians is always at the forefront.